Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday evening ..

Almost New Year's eve & before you know it it'll be the much vaunted 2012, beloved of prophecy mongers & soothsayers, cartoonists & conspiracy theorists. A watershed for global consciousness, with those not making the leap, the side-step into awareness, finding themselves metaphorically standing on a tiny spit of sand with a spring tide rushing in...

I'm not a big fan of parties, & New Year's eve is no exception, in fact really the only way I feel comfortable at parties or any event where the accent is on enjoyment & having fun is to be working for all or at least part of the time. Fun per se is not something I do. I'll be snug in bed at the appointed hour, & grateful to be so.

But this is the time of year when I look around & see where I am now & how I got here, & I have to share with you this version of Auld Lang Syne, sung by Mairi Campbell & featured in the film Sex & the City, because I also appreciate, remember, & am grateful for friends who have been with me along the way; new, old, fallen away.
Three new friends
People have fallen away, or removed themselves, or been removed, & this is inevitable as day follows night. Some have gone leaving a big hole, others have apparently brushed the dust of their departure smooth behind them. 

I experience more space than before, & new friends are more light-filled, or perhaps it's me.

& of course I acknowledge my master Osho; in the words of the song, 'Nobody does it better.' This is the guy whose love has taught me to watch, to wait, & to allow. In endless gratefulness, thank you Osho.

Happy New Year!

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