Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday morning ..

First I must just mention that I've been hearing a bird lately who's call actually does sound like 'tweet' - I think he may have gone on holiday though, as since the recent pretty much incessant rain he has been silent.

Investigating all avenues for my bones, ingesting vitamin D like it's going out of style, calcium etc etc & started with physiotherapy for my still painful right arm. Of course when seeing the guy for the first time I showed him all my stuff; X-rays, ultra-sound report plus the bone-density scan result, so I also have some exercises which incorporate bone-strengthening. It feels good to do these things because I tell you I have been filled with a sense of creeping dread when unable to sleep recently; not only difficult to find a comfortable position for the arm, but that type of irrational, small hours dread about what if the body never recovers? How will I support myself if I can't edit because my arm is too painful? How did I manage to create this for myself & why? On & on, you know how it goes.

Meanwhile my Hotmail account was apparently hacked into by someone who them spammed various of my contacts with, ironically, an advertisement for some Apple product! Now, having rigorously followed all the instructions for resetting my password etc I am locked out of the account, which means that all the stuff I had kept, categorised, updated & cherished is out there in about not building your house on a bridge! Philosophically I say to myself that everything changes, this too will pass, it was / wasn't meant to be... emotionally I say f**k it!

The rains continue to fall here in leafy Koregaon Park. Its not raining at the moment, but from what I read in the inestimable Times of India, 'an improvement in rainfall activity' is expected in the next 48 hours. Unlike Pakistan where the situation seems cataclysmic; 14 million people affected & counting. Don't worry, I'm not saying any more about the weather, (English conditioning don'tcha know?), nor am I going to hazard any theories about divine retribution. Absolutely not. Existence decides its timing is all I'm saying. Lol..

All a bit low-key really. Random stuff; Apparently tons of major planetary stuff going on. I have the urge to paint this room. Should I be taking more vitamin D? Well into a typically cracking Penny Vincenzi novel, (middle England is safe!). Must return that DVD I borrowed. Things are as they are. Sorry if this is all a bit disjointed today - hoping to pass it off as stream-of-consciousness. By the way have you ever read any of Derek Jarman's stuff? Or Andy Warhol's essays?

Here's another quote from Rumi ~

People want you to be happy.
Don't keep serving them your pain!

If you could untie your wings
and free your soul of jealousy,

you and everyone around you
would fly up like doves.

The photograph at the top was taken by my friend Maneesh, the one who does Tai Chi, who travels by Enfield in the High Himalaya, & who dedicated this picture to me.
Thank you Maneesh.
(It's at the top when really I wanted it at the bottom, but I still have no idea how to get it here so...)

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  1. Chetna don't worry here in Ams we are all disjointed as well!Planetary or rain stuff, it will pass somehow I am sure! Love ya! (and keep it up with Vitamine D!)